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BIO: 32 years pro drumming experience and a degree with a minor in music performance- percussion. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, I relocated to Southern California in 2001 to continue my pursuit of being a career musician. I am a friendly, intelligent, articulate, passionate, complex, dynamic, hyperbolic, creative and artistic individual. My favorite thing on the planet is love and the thing I love most is playing drums.


As a child I was a classically trained pianist. In 1988 I made the transition to drums, began taking drum lessons and never looked back. My dad dropped me off with my drums for my first audition in 1989 and have been in a band ever since. I was awarded a music scholarship in 1991 to attend Northern Arizona University where I combined my piano background within my percussion studies while honing my rudimental chops on the drumline and applying them on the drumkit in various bands. During my time in college,

I was a member in dozens of percussion ensembles and continued my band experiences by playing countless shows around Flagstaff. One band was good enough to win recording studio time in a battle of the bands. Armed with tons of original material, we ended-up recording two full-length albums as I discovered my fondness for the recording process. Since then, every band I’ve been in has done a recording of some kind. I treasure, and have learned from, each recording.


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of playing almost every style of music. My latest endeavor is BAD SALT my new band which sounds a bit like Faith No More meets Deftones. Before that, I founded Modern Bronze, a Los Angeles based female-fronted quartet which was an original rock mix between Blondie and Zeppelin.  We performed a bunch and released three records. I also spent four years as the drummer for popular alternative rock band  The Elizabeth KillI. We performed all over California and recorded four albums. Prior to that, I spent nearly a decade as the drummer for pop/rock trio 7k. That experience yielded 2 U.S. tours, 3 CDs, 1 DVD, 2 West Coast tours, 1 SXSW performance, 3 television appearances, and 1 motion picture soundtrack. I have been in a seemingly endless string of bands from 1989 until today and I've had an absolute blast on my journey so far.  As always, I look forward to whatever is around the next corner.


INFLUENCES:  My heroes include: Neil Peart (Rush), David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Chad Sexton (311), Dominic Howard (Muse), Sebastian Thomson (Baroness),

Liberty DeVitto (ex-Billy Joel), Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam/Candlebox), Chuck Keeping

(Big Wreck), Dino Campanella (Dredg), and Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind).


STYLE:  I would classify my drumming style as a blend of power, finesse and groove.  

I also believe that style is an extension of personality; I am both visceral & cerebral.  Sonically speaking, I truly enjoy exploring everything from BB gun to Bazooka. :)

ENDORSEMENTS:  I deeply value my relationship with and proudly endorse:              Q Drums, Soultone Cymbals, Vic Firth, Porter & Davies, KBrakes & Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors. Click 'GEAR' to check it out and then click each logo to visit their website.


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